If you’ve vacuumed and cleaned your carpet again and again but continue to notice the same pesky smells and stains—you’re probably frustrated.


So why does this happen?  And what carpet cleaning method can get rid of odors and spots for good?


Sticky Residue Leads To Carpet Stains


If a stain seems to repeatedly come back, it could actually be a new stain. The sticky residue left behind from spills or carpet cleaning detergent quickly and easily attract new dirt.


At-home machines and professional steam cleaners use an excess amount of soapy detergent to treat stains and leave behind sticky, dirt-attracting residue on your carpet. When you think your carpets are being cleaned, they could be left even more susceptible to stains.


Luckily, Chem-Dry carpet cleaning provides a better way. We use the power of carbonation to gently and powerfully lift stains. McGeorge Brothers Chem-Dry uses a natural, non-toxic cleaning solution and 80% less water than steam cleaners. This is better for your carpet and for the environment. A real win-win situation!

Excess Moisture Can Cause Carpet Wicking


Liquid stains often seep deep into carpet fibers and the padding underneath. Combined with the excess water used by steam cleaners, it leads to moisture being trapped deep in your carpet backing. While they try, steam cleaners aren’t powerful enough to extract all of the water they blast into your carpets.


As the carpet begins to dry, this dingy stain mixture can travel up the carpet fibers and make the stain reappear again and again over time.


Choosing Chem-Dry’s Hot Carbonating Extraction carpet cleaning method is a simple solution to avoid depositing unnecessary amounts of water into your carpet.


The Source Of Recurring Carpet Odors


Carpet odors can come from a variety of things, but most commonly it’s pet urine that makes floors smell.


When pet urine dries, it leaves behind potent odor crystals deep in your carpet backing and padding. These crystals will continue releasing odors in your home unless chemically broken down and whisked away using a professional pet urine removal treatment.  


Carpet Cleaning In Lee’s Summit And Blue Springs, Missouri


When it comes to cleaning your carpet, McGeorge Brothers Chem-Dry of Kansas City provides a better way. Our carpet cleaning method is not only effective and safe but removes virtually all allergens from your carpet and airborne bacteria from your home.


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