That moment you try so hard to prevent just happened—your pet left a nasty stain on the carpet! It is so frustrating when this happens and can seem impossible to treat.


But don’t panic—McGeorge Brothers Chem-Dry has a few tips to help you remove pesky pet stains and get rid of their lingering odors for good. 


Act Quickly At The First Sign Of Pet Stains 


Most surface stains can be effectively removed as long as you act fast. As soon as you notice your pet has left a surprise on your carpet, scoop up or gently blot away as much of the stain as you can. Absorbing the majority of the moisture first thing helps greatly in the stain removal process. 


As you complete this step, make sure you only apply light pressure and don’t scrub too hard. Rough scrubbing can force the stain even deeper into your carpet fibers and makes it more difficult to treat. 


Next, treat the stained area with a simple cleaning solution. Try a homemade solution or if you opt for a store bought cleaner, look for a formula that’s labeled as non-toxic and pet-safe. 


Take caution to not oversaturate the area. This can leave behind sticky residue and makes carpet fibers attract more dirt and stains. It also leads to long dry times. Instead, apply a small amount of solution and repeat if necessary. When finished, lightly rinse the area and then blot dry with a towel.


Pet Urine Cleaning In Leawood, Kansas 


The tips above work well for treating surface stains. However, further measures need to be taken to remove the stain from the source and treat its accompanying orders. 


Pet urine often seeps deep into carpet, padding, backing, and even flooring beneath. When the urine dries, potent odor crystals remain trapped and continue releasing odors and bacteria unless professionally treated.


If there are pets in the home, make it a routine to schedule professional Pet Urine Removal Treatment with Chem-Dry in Leawood, KS at least once each year. We not only blast away pet stains and odors, but remove 99.2% of bacteria from pet urine in carpets in the process.


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