Why?! Why do you constantly battle to keep your carpets clean? We’ve found that residue issues are the most common culprit. Do-It-Yourself carpet shampoos or cleaning products will often leave a sticky residue behind that attracts dirt and grime. The left behind residue will cause your carpet to get dirty again quickly. Additionally, Carpet cleaning done incorrectly can cause wicking – a term used to describe what happens when too much moisture is absorbed deep down into the carpet fibers and backing, causing the carpet to turn brown.

How infuriating it would be to see beautiful “clean looking” carpets when they are still wet, only to have spots appear after the carpet has dried?! This happens because of improper carpet cleaning methods. Most DIY carpet cleaning methods use excessive amounts of water that will saturate the carpet. This extra moisture will mix with a deep set stain and pull it to the surface. So now, instead of saving money with DIY carpet cleaning efforts or using second rate carpet cleaning companies, you are now faced with having to re-clean or replace your carpets.

For less money than you might think, you can hire the top rated carpet cleaners from McGeorge Brothers Chem-Dry of Kansas City. The professional carpet cleaning services we provide will keep wicking from happening to protect the investment you have in your carpets. Nor will there be any sticky residue left behind with our proven commercial carpet cleaning methods. This is precisely why hiring a professional carpet cleaning service is your best, most cost efficient option.


1. Professional Carpet Cleaning Cost is Worth the Investment


Using a professional carpet cleaning company is worth the investment for many reasons. You can rely on a professional carpet cleaner’s expertise on how to break down different types of stains and completely remove them. Carpet cleaning professionals identify different types of carpet (ex. wool or synthetic) to use the proper products and procedures designed specifically for each carpet type.

Only a professional carpet cleaning company will eliminate germs, bacteria and dust mites from your carpet that can pose a health threat to your family. DIY cleaners DO NOT have adequate sanitizers. Certainly, you will be looking for the best priced professional carpet cleaning services out there; but don’t fall for the advertising tactic that offers a great price just to get a foot in your door. Once inside your home, the great offer can quickly turn sour with upselling efforts for more expensive services. It’s always a good idea to ask what is included when you receive a quoted price. Questions like: How will they treat high traffic areas? Will they move the furniture for you? Will it cost extra to clean the stairs?

Remember that you usually get what you pay for. If you go for cheap carpet cleaning, you can expect cheap results. Carpet cleaning companies with uncommonly low prices will either upsell or cut corners… most likely both.


2.Try to Avoid Using “Self-Clean” or Groupon Type Carpet Cleanings


If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Avoid using “self-clean” or Groupon offers for carpet cleaning. They end up being more expensive than the original offer and are exhausting to complete. McGeorge Brothers Chem-Dry of Kansas has seen plenty of sad carpet cleaning mishaps; they have fixed many carpet cleaning mistakes caused by those who do not know what they are doing.

Hopefully, you will learn from the mistakes of others instead of from the “school of hard knocks”. Avoid the time consuming headaches of choosing a second rate carpet cleaning company or attempting to do-it-yourself. McGeorge Brothers Chem-Dry of Kansas City offers superior carpet cleaning services for an affordable price.


3. Our Carpet Cleaning Services EFFECTIVELY Remove Stains and Nasty Odors


The professional carpet cleaning service we provide at McGeorge Brothers Chem-Dry of Kansas City will EFFECTIVELY remove stains and nasty odors from your carpets. The McGeorge Brothers are leaders in the carpet cleaning industry and will conquer any stain you have, from pet urine and feces stains to coffee, juice, mud, lipstick, or wine. If the carpet has been damaged from improper carpet cleaning methods, we will come to your rescue. With no lazy mistakes or cutting corners, McGeorge Brothers Chem-Dry of Kansas City will clean your carpets right the first time, leaving you with happy long-lasting results.


4. We Use the Proper Carpet Cleaning Methods


Because we use the proper carpet cleaning methods, your carpets will be drier, cleaner and healthier.
Your carpets will dry within hours instead of days, because our carpet cleaning method uses 80% less water than steam cleaning methods. Our process will avoid the risk of mold and mildew growth that can happen with a longer drying time. Chem-dry carpet cleaning methods will give you a deep-down clean without using products that contain toxins –it’s completely safe for children and pets. Your home will be healthier with 98% less allergens and when a sanitizer is added, 89% of airborne bacteria will also be removed to improve air quality.


McGeorge Brothers Chem-Dry of Kansas City is Your Go-To for Professional Carpet Cleaning


McGeorge Brothers Chem-Dry of Kansas City is your go-to company for professional carpet cleaning service at an affordable price. Skip the hassles of renting carpet cleaning equipment and the back-breaking work that comes along with it. Avoid carpet cleaning mistakes that lead to wicking or will leave a sticky residue behind. Our patented hot carbonated extraction method will thoroughly clean your carpets without harsh chemicals to eliminate dirt, stains, and odors. Your carpets will look like new and the results will last!