Carpet helps make a home feel cozy and warm but it also requires special care and maintenance to preserve and protect it from the traffic and everyday wear. 


Even when it doesn’t look noticeably dirty, carpet is often filled with allergens, bacteria, dirt, germs, and other nasty contaminants. Dirty carpets can greatly impact the air quality and overall health of your home.


Common Hazards Found In Most Carpets 

Here are some things that are found in the average household’s carpets, as well as solutions for getting rid of them with help from Chem-Dry. 



Carpets are often filled with bacteria that can make us sick, like Salmonella, E coli, and Staph. These bacteria are then deposited onto our bodies and into the air we breath. In fact, carpets are typically filled with 40,000 times more bacteria than the average toilet seat. 


Dirt And Dust 

Did you know that the average home in the U.S. accumulates about 40 pounds of harmful dust every year? This can trigger a variety of respiratory issues and illnesses. 


Dead Skin, Hair, And Dander

Whether from pets or humans, carpets are full of dead skin, dander, and hair that fleas, ticks, and dust mites love to feed on. In fact, the average person alone sheds 1.5 million skin cells per day. 



Bugs feed on bacteria, dust, dander, dead skin, and more that’s in your carpet. Plus, dust mites and other bugs are one of the main triggers of allergies. 



Dust mites feed on dead skin and are also one of the number one culprits of allergies. Pollen, pet hair, and other allergens can also make their way onto your carpet and trigger a variety of respiratory issues like wheezing and asthma. 



Carpets soak up odors from the air or from spills. One of the most common causes of carpet odors is pet urine. Vacuuming and steam cleaning often isn’t enough to get rid of these odors, and a professional pet urine and odor removal treatment is necessary. 


Mildew And Mold 

When carpets get wet, are exposed to humid climates, or take too long to dry after the carpet cleaning process, the risk of mold and mildew growth skyrockets. Chem-Dry carpet cleaning requires 80% less moisture than steam cleaners and allows your carpets to dry in hours, not days like with our competitors. In short, Chem-Dry can significantly reduce the chance of mold and mildew growth in your carpets.


Carpet Cleaning in Lees Summit, Missouri

The good news is, McGeorge Brothers Chem-Dry provides industry leading carpet cleaning solutions to remove all of the listed hazards from your floors. By scheduling routine carpet cleanings about every 6 months, you can maintain a clean, healthy home. 


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