Your carpets get a lot of traffic and accidental stains happen continually. We all struggle to keep clean carpets with our own carpet cleaning efforts. Carpet stain removal can be a real challenge and sometimes you just need a quick fix until the professionals are contacted. A quick fix can get you by until you hire a commercial carpet cleaning company to truly get your carpets clean and spot free again.

Super Easy Ways to Quick Fix Carpet Stains


Until you can contact a commercial carpet cleaning company, know that there are easy ways to handle carpet stains quickly.  Read on for the best quick fix carpet stain removal methods.


Quick Fix Chem-Dry Spotter


Keep a bottle of Chem-Dry Spotter on hand and reach for it first for carpet stain removal.  This professional strength spot remover will lift stains to the surface to make carpet cleaning a breeze.

Stubborn stains will be safely removed from colorfast carpets. As an added bonus, this powerhouse spot removal can also be used to clean upholstery in your home or car and can be used for a pre-wash spotter for difficult laundry stains.  The Chem-Dry professional strength spot remover meets the high standards for Green Certification through an independent testing lab.  Always keep a bottle of Chen-Dry Spotter on hand for your carpet cleaning supplies.


Quick Fix Spills

Quick action for spills on your carpet is the best. As soon as possible grab a clean white towel and blot up as much of the spill as you can.  Do not rub! This will only push the stain into the carpet further and complicate your carpet cleaning efforts. After you have blotted up the moisture from the spill, pour a little club soda over the stain working from the outside in and blot up all of the moisture again with another clean white towel.  Follow up by vacuuming the area when the carpet is dry.


Quick Fix for Mud on Carpet

Mud on the carpet does not have to be the disaster it first appears to be – if you know the right procedure for carpet cleaning mud stains.  Rule number one: Never wipe up a fresh mud stain on the carpet. Let the mud dry on the carpet first; then after the mud has dried, vacuum the spot well to remove as much of the dried mud and dirt as possible.  Follow up by brushing any stubborn stuck on mud with a brush and vacuum again.  Follow this procedure and you are likely to have success for your carpet cleaning efforts. If this quick fix does not remove the stain, it’s time to call a commercial carpet cleaning company to safely remove the stain from your carpet. 


How Can We Help

When the time comes for a commercial carpet cleaning company to thoroughly clean your carpets and completely remove all carpet stains, McGeorge Chem-Dry of Kansas City is here to help. We know there are many commercial carpet cleaning companies to choose from.  What sets us apart from the rest is our safe and highly effective carpet cleaning process. Our green certified carpet cleaning process will safely remove all dirt, stains and allergens from your carpets. This natural carpet cleaning process uses 80% less water compared to standard steam cleaning systems, allowing your carpets to dry faster and the results to last longer. We deliver the best carpet cleaning results with affordable prices to our neighbors in the Lee’s Summit area and the surrounding Kansas City area.