As the air gets warmer and the seasons change, our thoughts and efforts are turned to spring cleaning solutions for our homes. 


Chem-Dry can help you shrug off the winter season and step into spring and summer with our various healthy cleaning solutions for your Raymore, Missouri home—including carpet cleaning and pet urine cleaning


Carpet Cleaning, Pet Urine Cleaning, And More


Of course, our homes are always vulnerable to bacteria, dirt, and allergens. However, after a long winter season, your home may feel particularly stuffy and dirty. 


A lot of time is spent indoors during cold winter months breathing recirculated air. The lack of a fresh breeze can make the accumulation of dust, bacteria, and airborne particles even more noticeable. But thankfully, spring is a refreshing, rejuvenating season where these woes can be corrected. 


McGeorge Brothers Chem-Dry is on your side for creating a clean, healthy home this spring season and year-round. Here are just a few of the home cleaning services we proudly offer:



Each of these Chem-Dry services not only help you with your spring cleaning efforts but also effectively remove virtually all bacteria and allergens from these areas in your home. You can see these results for yourself in this recent Home Health Study.


In addition to providing the best spring cleaning solutions for your Raymore, Missouri home, you can also take heart in the Chem-Dry promise to implement products and methods that are non-toxic and safe. 


Our specially formulated cleaning solution, The Natural®, contains only natural ingredients found on the FDA’s Generally Recognized as Safe list. Plus, our carpet cleaning method uses just one fifth the amount of water compared to steam cleaners.


Chem-Dry solutions also don’t include hazardous, toxic substances and meet the highest standards of biodegradability, clean air requirements, and safe pH levels. 


Carpet And Pet Urine Cleaning in Raymore, Missouri 


You can trust the team at McGeorge Brothers Chem-Dry to help you with all of your spring cleaning using methods that are not only more effective in your home but better for the local Raymore environment. 


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