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“Very professional, very knowledgable, got rid of spots we have battled for years. Bobby diagnosed the problem and gave us the information we needed to make an informed decision. He does not over-sell. In fact, based on our experience, he is careful to under-promise and over-deliver.”

William K.

Kansas City, MO

“Bobby was great to work with! We needed our carpets cleaned before moving in and he took his time to share his process and cleaning method. He was very kind to me and I never felt like he was trying to make a sale. He gave us an honest price, more than probably a big brand but I wanted to use a local company. He gained my trust and I’m confident that the job he did was excellent. I highly recommend him and plan to use him in the future!”

Krystalle W.

“Bobby if the BEST ever! I have never ever encountered the service he gives over any other carpet cleaning in last 35 yrs. He goes beyond what most carpet cleaners do and end result is AMAZING. Would HIGHLY recommend McGeorge Bros. I will never use anyone else. Also one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet! Thanks McGeorge Bros Chem-Dry for a job WELL done!”

Shelly P.

“Needed to replace carpet, but it just wasn’t in the budget. Decided to invest in a restoration carpet cleaning. Not the cheap $20 a room stuff where they are in and out in less than a couple hours and the same trouble spots are back in less than a few weeks. Bobby, GM of McGeorge Bros did a wonderful job on an original quality carpet that is 40 years old. Truly I thought I had to replace. Called a few carpet cleaning companies and on the fourth call I got Bobby and was sold. He explained he doesn’t usually do well with rentals or property managers because they want the fast cheap clean and that is not his business. He said he restores the carpets with minimal water and a lot of attention. Today the carpets got the attention they needed and I’m good to go re-renting the unit with an older, but quality carpet that I would be more than happy to live with at fraction of the cost of new, cheap, which is not cheap; or quality carpet. Got my new “go-to” carpet restorer listed in my phone. McGeorge Bros Chem-Dry out of Lee’s Summit.”

Jacquie T

Smithville, MO

“Bobby came today to clean my carpets and I am so glad I chose them because my carpets are actually clean! I’ve used other high rated carpet cleaning services, but McGeorge Brothers Chem-Dry beats all of them in terms of service and the result of my carpets! He did a wonderful job and will definitely call them again! He was also very pleasant to talk to and very knowledgeable. He also fit me in on a short notice. Thank you Bobby!”

Susan E.

Lee's Summit, MO

“Using Bobby to clean my carpets has been one of the best experiences, using a contractor, that I have ever had. Highly professional as well as personable. That is an important trait to have in a contractor but the quality of his work is even better. It is obvious that this guy has integrity in his personal life as well as his work. Don’t hesitate to use this guy for any and all of your carpet cleaning needs residentially or commercially.”

Jason B.

Belton, MO

“I’d give McGeorge Brothers Chem-Dry 6 stars if I could. Outstanding customer service! Our daughter and son-in-law just purchased this home and the previous owners had pets, need I say more. I told them to give McGeorge Brothers a chance to clean them before buying new carpet. McGeorge Brothers delivered with flying colors! Odors are completely gone and the carpet looks like new. The carpet wasn’t soaking wet when they were finished, like some other carpet cleaning companies I’ve used in the past. We could not be happier with McGeorge Brothers Chem-Dry. McGeorge Brothers Chem-Dry is our go to carpet cleaning company.”

Terry P.

“The smell we didn’t realized we had is gone!! What a great job they did to remove the stains, the smells, and the general dirt that had built up in our carpets. Besides that, they were very friendly, courteous, and we could trust them in our home when we had to leave. I would recommend McGeorge Brothers Chem-Dry to anyone looking for a complete and professional clean for their carpets and upholstery.”

Lori W.

“Amazing job- super friendly! We just found our permanent carpet cleaner! Use this company!!”

Caryn M.

“Bobby and his wife were great and did an excellent job. They went above and beyond in being flexible for us. We just moved from out of state into a new house in KC. The previous owners had a cat and we have a couple of family members with cat allergies that will be visiting and staying with us. Since our furniture has not been shipped yet, they made sure to squeeze us into their schedule on short notice before we got all of our things so that we wouldn’t have to worry about cat dander on our furniture or having to move things before getting our carpet disinfected for our relatives. They also have a great option for doing all of this that is safe for kids. Our carpet looks brand new and smells amazing. Extremely understanding and wonderful people who go above and beyond in what is asked. We will continue using McGeorge Brothers Chem-Dry as needed and definitely recommend their service.”

Diana P.

“Needed a pet odor removed from brand new carpet but had some bad experiences with traditional carpet cleaning. Bobby was awesome at explaining the process and was fast, efficient, and polite. Really pleasant experience. I will definitely use them again for any of my carpet needs.”


“Definitely the best and I’ve had some highly rated carpet cleaners do my carpets and nothing compares to Bobby’s work at McGeorge Brothers Chem-Dry! Bobby is very knowledgeable and shares the information with you to have a better result. My 18 year old carpet looked almost new again and it’s been through several chihuahuas and a poodle. Will definitely be using him again.”

Susan E.

“Using Bobby to clean my carpets has been one of the best experiences, using a contractor, that I have ever had. Highly professional as well as personable. That is an important trait to have in a contractor but the quality of his work is even better. It is obvious that this guy has integrity in his personal life as well as his work. Don’t hesitate to use this guy for any and all of your carpet cleaning needs residentially or commercially.”

Jason B.

“My carpet has been cleaned by some of the most reputable companies in town. He took his time and done it RIGHT! Looks as good as the day it was installed. Before the vacuum was set at its lowest setting in order to get the cleanliness I needed. This cleaning released the carpet fibers to the point I have to put it on the normal setting. I will be asking Bobby the next time as well telling all my friends.”

John C.

“Bobby was personable and very knowledgeable. He did a great job getting my basement dried up and disinfected. Responded very quickly to my emergency.”

Collin C.

“My carpets look new again. Very thorough hardworking and professional. Friendly and knowledgeable about carpet wear and it’s care. I couldn’t ask for better service. I would definitely recommend McGeorge Brothers Chem-Dry. Thank you Bobby Bell Jr.”

Deborah F.

“Excellent price, quality work, and overall did a great job. Would highly recommend and I’m sure I will ask back for other furniture that needs cleaning!”

Margaret C.

“Bobby is great to work with and doesn’t quit until the job is done. Carpet looks great and will use them again. Great with pet problems!!!”

Eileen C.

“I had some terrible dark brown stains on my ivory carpet and other stains on my bedroom carpets. I tried cleaning the stains on the ivory carpet myself, but failed miserably. I was told McGeorge Brothers could get out just about anything, so I gave them a call. Bobby worked super hard treating my carpet and cleaning it, and all the spots are gone! All my carpets look fabulous! I can’t say enough good things about their customer service and their goal of getting everything deep down clean! I’m so pleased! Thank you, Bobby, for an awesome job! This will definitely help my house to show better in order to sell it!”


“I had several pet stains and high traffic areas on my carpet. Bobby was able to get it all out! My carpet looks brand new. Will definitely refer!!”

Katie G.

“There is none better at carpet cleaning then these guys. Not only that but they also did my leather today. Wow what a difference he made. He saved me thousands in replacement costs because my carpet is almost new again and I had another company say it was beyond hope. Bobby would not settle until every detail was done to his meticulous standards. I thought I was picky but this guy is a perfectionist. I can’t rave enough about the job he did. Please don’t look any further then McGeorge Brothers Chem-Dry. Think of the investment your carpet and furniture was. Doesn’t it deserve to be taken care of by the best? My leather looks amazing. Thanks Bobby for reminding me that pride in one’s craft and customer service is still alive out there although it may be harder to find these days.”

Travis C.

“My carpets are original to the construction of the house over 30 years ago and have never been professionally cleaned in the 18 years that we lived there raising three kids. I wasn’t expecting any miracles but the carpet almost looks brand new! Thank you Bobby!”

Wendy J.

“We’ve had Bobby to our house twice. Once for dog accidents and once for permanent black sharpie marker on my newly carpeted stairs. Needless to say, no more dog smells and there is not a black mark to be seen! Bobby is amazing! And his customer service is top notch. We won’t be looking anywhere else when we need help with our carpets.”

Jessica W.

“Have been struggling with pet odors. These guys and knocked it out 1st try. I’m calling them again for sure.”

Dave P.

“Bobby is amazing. He made cat urine odor go away!”

Brett W.

“Bobby is hands down fantastic. I am so glad I found him. The best thing is that he comes out and personally does the job. He is a hard working business owner and his work is amazing. We have pets and kids and they tend to do a lot of damage to your carpets. Bobby turned my carpet that was flat and laid down and made it look new again just like the day we moved in. I enjoy supporting a local company that has been around 30 years. They will be my first and only call from here on out. Thanks bobby for a great job.”

Kourtney K.

Independence, MO

“Bobby absolutely saved my new wool carpet! A visiting dog had a terrible accident on my rug and I thought it was completely ruined. Bobby cleaned the rug, completely removed the stains and honestly, it looks better than new. He even rotated the entire rug for me. I would never use anyone else. McGeorge Brothers Chem-Dry is The Best. I always ask for extra business cards to give to my friends.”

Libby W.

Kansas City, MO

“Very honest and upfront, and did a wonderful job. He was extremely thorough and we appreciate his high standards. Very friendly and great customer service as well! Beyond pleased and will never use anyone else!!”

Deanna M.

“I have had carpets cleaned many many times over the years. I was for the most part satisfied with the companies I used because carpet seemed relatively clean and frankly I assumed that it was the best I could expect. I went with whoever had a special going because there was no difference from one company to the next. 4 years ago I was ready to toss my carpet and replace it. I hated to replace it and I couldn’t look at it one more year. I had a friend tell me he knew a company that could make my carpet look almost new again. This was a trusted friend so I gave Mcgeorge Brothers Chem-Dry a call. Wow was I amazed. My carpet looked amazing. The owner knew his stuff so much he could actually tell me the method of cleaning I last used by what my carpet looked like. He spent almost 3 times longer them the other companies making sure every detail was done to his meticulous standards. He saved me thousands in replacement cost. Fast forward now 4 years. Today I had him once again clean my carpet and this time he worked on my Leather furniture. Yes he does leather to. I was amazed again. Same carpet as 4 years ago and still looks amazing. My leather furniture although only 2 years old is looking 10 times better then this morning when I left. I can promise you that if you want the best I have found them. You will not be disappointed. I know that because not only do I know his carpet cleaning expertise I have also gotten to know his character. He would not settle for anything less then you being amazed by his work.”

Travis C.

Lee's Summit, MO

“First visit Bobby was very personable and it definitely won’t be the last time. He took the time to actually “clean” my carpets. It was amazing and highly recommended! Carpet cleaners in the past barely touched the surface.”

Susa E.

Lee's Summit, MO

“Awesome job. Asked me what I expected from the cleaning and delivered. Mr. Bell is now my go to guy for carpet cleaning. Highly recommend!”

Sean P.

“I had McGeorge Brothers’ Chem-Dry clean my light beige carpets twice, much to my satisfaction. Being a cancer patient one of my concerns was chemical usage, they use a green certified solution cleaning products that are safe and non toxic. The carpet is dry in two to four hours. I am very pleased with Mr. Bobby B’s services.”

Donna B.

“Did the best he could on one spot after I had messed with it! Made the other one disappear because I hadn’t attempted cleaning before he came. My recommendations is if you have a serious stain leave it alone and call McGeorge Brothers Chem-Dry!!”

Patricia B.

“Their customer service and honesty is impeccable!!! Thank you so much Bobby! I will only be using them for carpet services!!”

Cassie L.

“Bobby goes above and beyond to exceed your expectations.”

Treasa H.

“This company is great. I am glade I decided to go with them. Bobby spent a lot of time on my rugs and made sure it was done right. MY RUGS LOOK LIKE NEW! He was friendly and eager to please.”

Sharon S.

“Bobby was fantastic!!! Unfortunately our cats and dogs have been destroying our new carpet. The cat urine in our dining room was horrendous especially with the heat. We had a budget to work with and Bobby was able to work with us. He was able to get the pet stains and odor out. Our house smells brand new and I did not have to worry about the odor while our guests were here. I enjoyed his company and definitely recommend his service!!! We will be using you again in the future!”

Micaela M.

“Very honest and upfront, and did a wonderful job. He was extremely thorough and we appreciate his high standards. Very friendly and great customer service as well! Beyond pleased and will never use anyone else!!”

Deanna M.

“Best carpet cleaning EVER! I will never use another. It’s amazing to see how all the old water cleaning companies have actually ruined my carpet. If you have new carpet and want to give it the BEST care this is your company. They’re a little more expensive but you definitely get your money’s worth!”

Sharon B.

“Bobby is fantastic. If you want a good quality cleaning please call him. He wants you to be satisfied and happy. Stop looking and call Bobby. You won’t regret it I promise.”


“Not only was he so nice he really took his time getting my cream couches and chairs clean that were such a mess. Bonus I called him a day later with a question about my stairs and he made a trip back out here instead of just telling me I could do what he had to do on my own. I recommend Bobby 1000 times over!”

Kevin H.

“There was hiccups in scheduling, but Mr Bell went above and beyond to correct it. Bottom line; I’ve had many carpet cleaners over the years and this is my last company. I’m a customer for life.”

Sean P.

“Great service, carpets look and smell great. Thank you Bobby Bell Jr.”

Sue S.

“Awesome service! Quick turnaround. Beautiful rugs look like new. Thanks Bobby.”

Alice C.

“I had another carpet company call and cancel the day we scheduled cleaning (after we moved furniture, vacuumed and prepped all morning). Called McGeorge Brothers Chem-Dry of KC because of good reviews here on google. I was not disappointed. After asking if they happened to have an opening today, I gave the man my details. He apologized for the other company’s inconsideration (“sorry they did that to you”) and he made room for me that afternoon. I checked with the misses and she said “this guy is really working at the carpet, we’ll definitely use him again” I’m thankful I found him and yes his name is Bobby and he does GREAT WORK! Old fashion customer service. THANKS.”

Tom B.

“Bobby did a wonderful job and was very professional at his work I would recommend him to all my friends!”

Laurie S.

“Bobby Bell Jr. can remove just about any stain you can come up with and he leaves your carpet looking like new! We’ve had him clean our carpets in our home, our business and our rental property and he ALWAYS does a fabulous job! The great thing is that Bobby is the owner and he personally cleans your carpet!”

Kari S.

“I had Bobby come and clean my carpets. I was wondering just how many spots he would be able to get out! I had left him there to clean and when I returned home I was pleasantly surprised. My carpet looked brand new again ! All spots were gone. Thank you Bobby!”

Tina W.

“The real deal!! Hands down the best cleaning I’ve had on my carpets in 23 years! Bobby took his time and made our carpets look brand new! I’ll be using McGeorge Brothers Chem-Dry from now on!”

Caryn M.

“I cannot speak more highly of Bobby Bell of McGeorge Brothers Chem-Dry. My family has been using his services for well over ten years. He has amazing attention to detail, he is incredibly knowledgeable, and he is a very hard worker. He always does an amazing job on our carpets and furniture.”

Anne H.

“AMAZING. McGeorge Brothers Chem-Dry cleaned our carpets last night and did an incredible job. They really went above and beyond to clean our carpets (which hadn’t been cleaned in too long!) They used safe natural products (don’t have kids yet, but do have 2 dogs, so that was important to me) and turns out they use much more advanced technology than any other carpet cleaner I have seen. Highly suggest using McGeorge Brothers Chem-Dry. Thank you Bobby!”

Carrie-Lynn R.

“YES! Stop looking and hire Bobby with Chem-Dry! There is simply no-one else you want to come and clean your carpets or furniture! It is hard to let strangers into your home but Bobby made it effortless! He was skilled, on time and very friendly.”

Rita C.

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