Professional Carpet Cleaning vs Replacing Carpet: Best Options for Bad Pet Odor


Your family and friends may hold off telling you the truth about the cat pee smell coming from your carpet, but your four-year-old niece will tell it to you straight.  As soon as she walks in the door, she will say “That cat pee on the carpet smells disgusting”.  It’s kind of cute how she forms the word disgusting, but the message will hit you like a bomb. Your knee-jerk reaction may be to rip out the carpet and start anew.  But WAIT, before you make a hasty decision that will hit your pocketbook hard, consider your options. What will be the best decision, professional carpet cleaning or replacing the carpet?


Replacing Carpet is Expensive


Replacing carpet is expensive; that is why you should always try carpet cleaning services before replacing carpet. Even an average-sized home could cost you thousands of dollars to replace the carpet. The average cost for replacing carpet is between $3.00 and $4.00 per square foot. Then there is the cost of installation and other hidden costs including old carpet disposing fees, cutting charges, redoing molding to replace the carpet, and other hidden costs.


Unless you get rid of your pet(s), the same thing will happen to the new carpet. For less than $250, you could get a professional carpet cleaning that will improve the look and feel of your carpet while also eliminating pet odors and stains. Professional carpet cleaning will restore your carpet with a truly clean and fresh-smelling carpet that looks great.


Professional Carpet Cleaning is EFFECTIVE at removing Pet Odors & Stains


I know cat pee on the carpet is the worst smell ever but there is a way to get that horrid cat pee smell out of the carpet.  Good carpet cleaning services will know how to remove all pet odors. They have the best carpet cleaner for pet stains and use techniques that are safe and effective for your carpet.  Yes! Pet urine removal is completely doable these days, so unless you want to replace your carpet, choose professional carpet cleaning instead.


Why DIY Carpet Cleaning Won’t cut it when it comes to pet odors


Cat pee smell on the carpet is one of the hardest odors to remove. Do-It-Yourself efforts simply do not work. You can find over-the-counter carpet cleaners designed with cat urine odor remover that will claim to protect the fibers of your carpet, but they will not eliminate cat odors deep down in the fibers of the carpet as a professional carpet cleaning will.


Professional carpet cleaning technicians have the experience, equipment, and products to clean the worst of cat urine odors – and all pet odors and stains. Chem-Dry professional carpet cleaning will deliver a deep, long-lasting carpet cleaning that will make it hard to believe pets are living with you.


The Chem-Dry Pet Urine Removal Treatment (P.U.R.T) Process


Cat pee on the carpet does not stay on the surface; it can penetrate to the backing of the carpet and the flooring below.  As the cat’s urine dries, it leaves behind urine crystals with an even stronger cat pee smell. Surface cleaning will not get cat pee smells out of carpet, but our Chem-Dry (P.U.R.T) process cleaning will. The process involves:


  • Locating cat pee on the carpet and determining the extent of the odor problem.
  • It may be necessary to pull back the carpet in affected areas to examine the damage.
  • Carpet pads will be removed if necessary.
  • In tough situations, shellac may be applied to the sub-floor.
  • The P.U.R.T product will be correctly applied to tack strips, the subfloor, baseboards, and the back of the carpet.
  • Within 24-36 hours, the P.U.R.T ingredients will break down the source of the cat pee smell on the carpet.


P.U.R.T stands for Pet Urine Removal Treatment and it is the best carpet cleaner for pet stains and odors.


Chem-Dry’s P.U.R.T Process can Remove 99.9% of Pet Urine Odors from Carpet


Multiple independent tests have determined that the P.U.R.T Process removes 99.9% of pet urine odors from carpets.  Dog and cat urine odors are practically eliminated.


Chem-Dry’s P.U.R.T Process can Remove 99.9% of Bacteria from Pet Urine in Carpets


Better yet, studies have proven Chem-Dry’s P.U.R.T carpet cleaning process also eliminates the bacteria found in dog and cat pee urine on carpets.  Your home will smell clean because it truly will be clean!


Your carpets will be clean, healthy, and fresh smelling because the professionals at Chem-Dry have used the best pet stain carpet cleaner on the market today.


Now when your four-year-old Niece comes to visit, you will hear her say “here kitty-kitty” without any comments about discussing cat pee smells, and you both will be smiling


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