We all love our pups, but dog poop on the carpet is just not acceptable. Dog stains and smells on the carpet are hard on the eyes and nose, not to mention the possible health risk it could cause! The following carpet cleaning techniques will keep your home fresh and welcoming – whether you are still in house training mode with a new puppy or if your pooch has accidents. We have 5 steps to make this troublesome carpet cleaning chore a bit easier to deal with.


5 Steps to Remove Dog Poop and Stains Before You Call the Professionals


Safeguard the investment you have in your carpet by using the following 5 steps on how to effectively remove dog poop so that carpet replacement will not be necessary. Save yourself the headaches of making a bigger mess while cleaning up after your four legged poop-meister with the following carpet cleaning steps.


1. Remove Feces from the Spot as Quickly and Effectively as Possible


Remove feces as soon as possible to keep the stain from setting and causing permanent damage to the carpet. The technique you use for how to get dog poop out of carpet is important. Instead of rubbing the spot, you should scrape up as much of the mess up as possible. You might have to employ a “pinching” action to get more up, but don’t rub! Rubbing the pet stain will push the smell and the stain into the carpet deeper.


2. Pour a Small Amount of Cold Water on the Stain


Now that most of the mess is up, pour a small amount of cold water on the feces stain to loosen anything left. Yep, just cold water; this will keep the stain from setting.


3. Blot the Pet Stain with a Clean White Towel to Absorb the Stain


With a clean white towel, blot the pet stain up as much as you can after treating it with the cold water. A white towel will allow you to see the lifted stain easier. It may require some extra effort and patience to get dog poop out of the carpet depending upon the size of the stain. If the stain still remains after repeating this process several times, it’s time to reach for a pet stain remover product.


4. Treat the pet Stain with Chem-Dry Spotter


The weapon of choice for a pet stain remover is Chem-Dry’s professional strength Spot Remover; and you should keep a bottle of it on hand for when your dog makes a deposit on the carpet, if the kids track in mud or for when chocolate frosted cake drops on the carpet. This stain removal product will quickly and thoroughly remove most stubborn stains fast without harming the carpet. Follow up with Chem-Dry’s Pet Odor Remover and your nose will not know your dog pooped on the carpet.

After scraping up the mess, treating with cold water, blotting with a white towel, and following the directions on the Chem-Dry Spot Removal bottle, you will definitely know how to get poop stains out of carpets.

5. Pour Club Soda on the Pet Stain and Then Blot With a Clean Dry Towel!


Don’t have Chem-Dry’s Spot Remover? I’m sorry – it is the best pet stain remover out there. Put it on your shopping list soon. You will find Chem-Dry’s Spot Removal useful all around the house; it can be used on upholstery, car interiors and even as a pre-wash spotter for tough laundry stains.

In the meantime, there is another trade secret we can share with you. You should always first follow steps 1 – 3 to keep from making a bigger dog poop mess to deal with. When you do not have Chem-Dry’s spot remover in the cleaning closet, reach for some club soda from the fridge or pantry. The bubbling action of club soda can lift the remaining poop left on the carpet to the surface. Using the carbonated water as a pet stain remover, work from the outside edges in to keep the stain area contained. Let the bubbling action work for just a bit and then blot dry with a clean white towel. If you had a wet-vacuum on hand, it would be helpful to draw up more of the moisture.
Of course, this is not the best pet stain remover for carpet cleaning, but if you treat the stain promptly following the prescribed steps, you can have positive results.

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