Dogs are wonderful additions and fill our homes with joy and love! Unfortunately, they can also come with some pretty nasty odors if you’re not careful. 


Carpet stains easily accumulate when you have pets around. However, these tips for training your precious pup can save you the stress and hassle of cleaning up their stains and associated odors. 


Puppy House Training Tips 


When it comes to your beloved furry friend, remember that preventing stains is the ultimate goal. Dogs have a tendency to relieve themselves in the same spot over and over. That’s why Pet Urine Removal Treatment from your local Chem-Dry carpet cleaners in Leawood, Kansas is especially helpful. The pros at Wag also provide some great dog training tips!


The Kennel Method


1 – Find a kennel that’s the right size for your pup. It should be big enough for them to be able to stand up comfortably but not so big that it’s easy to relieve themselves inside of it. 


2 – Make the kennel feel like home by placing a pillow, treats, or toys inside. 


3 – Use phrases like “let’s go” or “in your kennel” to teach your dog to go in and out of it. Verbal cues combined with positive reinforcement in the form of treats and toys can be helpful and teach your dog to associate the desired behavior with a reward.


4 – Establish a consistent kennel time—like while you’re at work during the day or sleeping at night. Just be sure you don’t keep your pup in the kennel for excessively long periods of time.


5 – After each kennel time, immediately take your pup outside to “go.”. This will help them learn that kennel time is always followed by a bathroom break.


6 – Each time your dog uses the bathroom outside, reward them with a toy or treat. 


The Schedule Method


1 – Determine a general idea of how often your dog should be using the bathroom. Keep in mind that puppies need to go more often than older dogs. 


2 – Make note of times your dogs will likely need to relieve themselves. Like after waking up in the morning, after meals, after kennel time, or before bed. 


3 – Avoid negative reinforcement—don’t harshly punish your dog for accidents. Instead, teach them what you’d like them to do by taking them outside when they pee on the carpet, then clean up the mess. 


4 – Based on your pup’s schedule, take them outside around 5 minutes before their scheduled time.


5 – Reward and praise your dog verbally and with treats or toys each time they relieve themselves outside. 


6 – Make adjustments to your dog’s schedule as they grow and progress. 


The Puppy Pad Method


1 – Purchase the right size of pee pads for your pup. 


2 – Pick a designated, accessible spot to place the pad. It’s best to choose a non-carpeted area.


3 – Bring your dog to the pad a few minutes before your scheduled bathroom time and keep them there until they relieve themselves. 


4 – Praise and reward your pup any time they use the pad to pee. 


5 – Dispose of the pad and keep the area around it clean. 


6 – Over time, move the pad closer to the door until it is eventually outside. It’s important to make sure your dog always has easy access to the pad with a doggy door or other access point.


Pet Urine Cleaning in Leawood, Kansas


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